Creative Strategy

We have strong feelings here at Portage Creative.

Communications and marketing videos need to be part of a bigger strategy if they’re going to make an impact.

By defining objectives early on, we can work together with you to develop plans for getting the most mileage from your investment with video.

Sometimes we work with marketing agencies who have defined the objectives and have a clear picture of where they want to go with video. More often we sit down with our clients directly, listen to their goals as an organization and pour our creative energy into developing a plan of action for reaching those goals with video.

This includes

Defining the overall objective
Considering long-term organizational goals
Establishing the target audience for each video
Determining where the videos will be used (i.e paid & organic social, live audiences, etc)
Creating a Call to action, when required
Considering other communication tools required for success (Mobile friendly website, level of social media presence etc.)



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