Portage partners with organizations who want to communicate creatively and effectively

Part of the Big Picture

Before diving in, we really want to understand the big picture you have for your organization. When we can picture the overall goals and strategies you have, we can offer more value to you in defining the important messages for your video content and putting together a plan for distribution.

Video Production for YOU

Whether working to improve internal communications, or to enhance marketing initiatives, we believe creative video should be a part of every organizations strategy.

In order to generate the video content they need, we have clients who produce much of their own video in-house. In addition, they hire us to produce video when they want a higher level of quality or creativity in the end product. In the end, this allows for higher level of output, without sacrificing quality when it’s important.

We also have clients who rely entirely on us to produce their photography and video content (actually, most of our clients fall into this category), and for many of our clients that’s exactly what they need.

Wherever you fit into the picture, we’d like you to see us as your marketing and communications partner, here to help you succeed with your video communication.

Thinking Long-Term

Cisco recently predicted that by 2020, 75% of all mobile traffic will consist of video. Short-form videos (under 10 seconds) are also becoming more and more popular as we scroll our news feeds.

Keeping up with this demand for visual content may be as simple as producing multiple posts in a single production day. Maybe it means finding the right piece of video equipment to allow you to produce your own vlogs.

Whatever the goals, we want our skills to help our clients publish engaging video content for their own audiences. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, and we don’t think every organization needs to be producing Spielberg quality visuals. However, we do believe most organizations will benefit from communicating with video.

Creative Problem Solving

Let’s define your key messages. We can then brainstorm concepts, develop storyboards, and write scripts to effectively communicate those messages.

Planning Ahead

“Plan your work, then work your plan.” We source talent, locations, additional crew members, music and equipment well in advance of the production day.

Visual Consistency

Portage can take care of your pre-production, filming, photography, and editing – and that means consistent visuals for stronger branding.

Multiple Uses

Our clients should get the most from their investment with us. Often we create a few final products from one video production, allowing for more mileage from that investment.

Platform Appropriate

We want to make sure our client’s photography and video is appropriate for the channels they’re publishing on. We adapt our approach accordingly.

Stronger Messaging

Having a team like ours take care of pre-production all the way through to publishing means we’re invested in your message with every step.

Cole Bennett

Cole Bennett

Camera/Creative Strategy

Cole is our Creative Writer and Director of Photography. He’s responsible for writing, videography & photography on the majority of our projects, and enjoys working directly with our clients in developing their plans for video.

He likes to repeat the same jokes, but he's getting pretty good at it.

Lydia Bennett

Lydia Bennett


Lydia is our Producer and Director. Her creativity has a refreshing flavour of pragmatism which focuses on delivering clear and meaningful video to our clients.

In 2016 Lydia was credited with Senior Editor on The Canadian Tradition, a nationally televised hunting/fishing adventure series.

Max Kennedy

Max Kennedy

Senior Editor/Audio Engineer

Max is our Senior Editor and Audio Engineer at Portage Creative. He takes lots of crazy elements and brings them together into a coherent story. His musical abilities and film school days mean he makes magic with audio.

On the Myers Briggs personality test, Max shares the ``INFP`` personality type with J.R.R Tolkien.

We provide video production services for organizations in Toronto, the GTA, Barrie, Muskoka and across Ontario.

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