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Video Strategy

You define goals. We design video solutions.

Video Production

We pre-produce, film & edit.  

Video Marketing

We plan campaigns, measure, and report.

Create compelling videos that your audience actually wants to watch.

Communicating effectively in 2018 might feel like an overwhelming task. It can be difficult clarifying what you need to say in a concise and effective format – let alone knowing the best route for delivering that message to your audience. 

How do you put your best foot forward with your video content in 2018?

Our mission at Portage Creative is to grow the influence of organizations who care about the people they serve. We do this by working hard to create compelling videos that your audience actually wants to watch. 

Entertain, educate or make your audience feel a part of something bigger with your videos this year.

Are you ready to grow your influence with compelling video?


Not only do they take direction very well, but they also offer creative insights to spice up our corporate video updates.

Sam Cooper, Regional Marketing Manager, Paul Davis Canada

They made the process fun, captured our message beautifully and then gave us incredible tips on getting the finished product in front of thousands of people.

Keni MacLeod, Founder of AvocoBar Restaurant in Barrie Ontario

Portage takes the time to understand the needs and goals of our projects...They regularly think outside of the box and deliver higher than our expectations.

Justin Piercy, Service Programming Director, Connexus Church in Barrie & Orillia

We look for opportunities to get them involved in our projects because we know our client websites and advertising campaigns will be more effective with Portage involved 🙂

Jesse Barton, Founder, Fireside Agency in Orillia


What do you want to achieve as an organization, and how do you see video helping you achieve those goals? Who will watch the videos we produce together? What will motivate them to watch?

Once we’ve defined your goals and answered key motivators, we can then work together to create a video concept and strategy aimed at hitting those targets.

Creative Direction

Our philosophy at Portage Creative is to create video that’s a gift to your audience every time. This means we try to consider your objectives and key messages through the lens of your viewer.

What is a video experience your viewer would appreciate? Will they learn something valuable? Will they be entertained? What will they do as a result of watching your video?


Brainstorming. Storyboarding. Scheduling. Location and talent scouting. Test shooting. Shot listing. Equipment prepping. Lunch ordering. Crew hiring.

This is the unglorified job of pulling together what needs to be pulled together to pull it all off. This is almost always a team effort, organized and delegated by our producer, Lydia Bennett.

Video Production

Once we’ve established the plan, we head into production. We can fit every piece of our lighting and camera equipment into our mini-van and still have room for our production team: Director, Camera operator, and Sound Man. We don’t have our company name on the side of the van though, because, well, it’s a mini-van.

There are almost always changes to the pre-production plan once we get into filming, but that often means a great opportunity we couldn’t predict. The key is remaining nimble and adapting along the way, keeping in mind the key objectives.

Sound Design & Audio Capture

Human beings will watch a low-quality video if the audio quality is high. But it is beyond frustrating to try and watch a video where the audio is no good. That’s why we pay special attention to capturing quality sound. Not only do we work hard to capture quality sound, we also often use additional sound to spice up our video in the editing suite.

We use broadcast quality microphones on our productions. Our Sound Designer and Senior Editor, Max Kennedy knows how to capture sound. As a musician, he brings that experience to each project.

Video Editing & Post-Production

Because we’re a small team, our clients often see the benefit of having an editor who’s worked on their project from the beginning stages. Rather than being handed a pile of unfamiliar footage and some production notes, our editors have been a part of the conceptual phase all the way through production. This means we have an understanding of the project in a way that might be hard to convey to an outside party. We also routinely review one another’s editing work and discuss ways to strengthen the final edit, which leads to a more refined product when it’s time for client review.

Video Production Barrie, Muskoka, Simcoe County

We travel far and wide for the right video production projects. Most of the time we’re producing video content right here in our local area of Simcoe County – Barrie, Orillia, Muskoka. We’re routinely down in Toronto as well. Wherever in the world you are, if you think we could help you reach your goals with video, we’d really like to hear from you. Email or call us! You can also connect with us anytime on Facebook and Instagram.